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Quotes Great service! They actually found a rattle snake on my lot when they came out to help me with snake removal. Quotes
5 STARS: Rattlesnake Removal

Quotes What a sad situation - a fawn got stuck in between the bars of my wrought iron fence and unfortunately, by the time I found it, it had died. Rio came out within a few hours and removed the body and cleaned up so there would be no lingering smell. He was very compassionate and efficient. I would definitely call them again. Quotes
Cheryl A.
Dead Deer Removal

Quotes Rio and Leah provided excellent service when we sought their expertise over some snake guests. They did a thorough check of our yard and home and gave us reassuring advice and suggestions. We'd recommend them to anyone needing animal control help in the Austin area. Quotes
Ian A
Snake survey - 5 STARS

Quotes I hate snakes and was horrified/surprised to find one in my apartment under the couch. Apartment Maintenance removed the snake but I called Rio to check the whole apartment just in case. He was incredibly nice and friendly, searched the place from top to bottom, inside shoes, suitcases, etc. and pointed out things to look for when looking for evidence of all kinds of pests. Never had this happen before and I feel like I got really lucky with Rio. He was quick and efficient and I plan to definitely recommend him if ever asked. 5 stars! Quotes
Jacob K
Snake in My Apartment

Quotes Rio and Leah did a great job treating my property for snakes. They made landscaping recommendations, treated the edges of my property, and they even captured a rattlesnake which they took with them. I highly recommend them. Quotes
Stuart D
Rattlesnake Removal

Quotes Rio and Leah are extremely thorough and will go above and beyond to make sure your home is free of any dangerous snakes and rodents. We truly appreciate all they did for the years they took care of our home in Austin. Would definitely recommend! Quotes
Janelle W
Snake Service 5 stars!

Quotes Rio was so professional and such a knowledgeable person about snakes and their ideal places to hide. He caught two Texas Rat Snakes in my back yard! I'm so glad he made the trip and was willing to come to Circle C. I would highly recommend his services and company. Quotes
Mary B
Snake Survey 5 stars!

Quotes I am so glad I called them. Leah was extremely professional, gave excellent service, and good advice. If you have a rodent or wildlife problem don't hesitate to use this company. Quotes
Pam W
5 stars!

Quotes 2/20/2012 Rio and his wife were fantastic and creative in solving my rat problem. I had been trap-killing rats for months, but they were increasing in number rather than decreasing. Other companies offered to trap them for a huge amount of money, but why pay for something I was already doing? Rio has a three-pronged approach to not only kill the rats, but ensure they leave the home! He took a lot of time to show me how to keep them from returning, never insisting that he be the one to do the work of sealing the house, though he offered because I asked. I ended up having someone else seal the house, & he came again to give specific instructions so that it was done right. I have already recommended him to several people with critter issues (not just rats). Rio was knowledgeable, friendly, incredibly helpful, & thorough w/out ever pressuring or sales-pitching (& I heard plenty of pitches!). If you want excellent service & advice, call Rio for critter extermination Quotes
Jennifer N.
Cedar Park, TX

Quotes 7/26/2012 I first met Rio 6 yrs ago when a baby raccoon had fallen from the attic to the hallway closet containing the air conditioner. Rio came out at 2 A.M. and took care of the whole thing. He came back the next day, set up a humane trap and referred a handyman to seal entry points. Within a few days, mama raccoon and twins moved out. Last year, I discovered I had a rat infestation. Rio got them out, had my entire house sealed up, and we finally had peace. There is no else I would even consider calling to help me with any future pest problem than Rio and Leah. Not only are they professional and knowledgeable, but they are naturally friendly and genuinely interested in resolving pest-related issues. They also charge fair prices and never try to sell you anything or take advantage of you. We all consider Rio and Leah as part of our family and are happy to refer them to anyone who finds themselves with a pest-related problem. Quotes
Childress J.
Loyal Customer