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Quotes 1/23/2013 I've recommended this company to friends of mine because they do what they promise. At the end of the job, the critters are gone and there's no mess. Rio is very passionate about wildlife and I like that he knows animals well enough to remove them humanely and make sure they don't come back. Quotes
Matt S.
Austin, TX

Quotes 5.0 star rating 3/25/2013 Snakes are a worry when you have grandkids around on weekends & school breaks. Our grandkids knew enough to stay away from snakes howeve they were concerned when helping us in yard, playing ball & hanging out. Rio was recommended to us by friends & we called him for an inspection to let us know what we were dealing with. Rio explained our yard layout, issues with brush & rock landscaping. Also things attracting snakes to our house & RV. We scheduled with Amazon, they came out, caught several snakes & treated around our property. Great wth our grandkids, explaing snake behavior & danger areas in brush. Rio provides a remendous & professional tservice. Great customer service, follow-thru on work & no need for a call back. Highly recommend Amazon to you. Quotes
G T.
Concerned Grandpa

Quotes 4/5/2013 Rio and Leah helped me out with some raccoon wrangling. I had a mama and four babies in my attic. The mama was resistant to traps. They came out many times to try different things. They were very committed to helping me solve my problem. For as much time as they put in, I felt that they could have charged more. It was quite a bit less than i paid another company last year. That company spent a half hour putting on a one way door and charged me $350. Rio and Leah came over several times since the mama was trap-shy. They got the babies out from a wall in a closet. They even vacuumed up the mess. These two are good people. They knew what they were doing. They were honest. Quotes
Mo R.
Austin, TX

Quotes 3/27/2010 Removes wild animals from your home / yard humanely. I want to post this because we had some trouble finding this service. We had an injured skunk in our yard and didn't know what to do. Austin Wildlife Rescue said they'd be happy to take it, but couldn't help us capture it or bring it in. They referred us to someone, who referred us to someone, who referred us to Amazon Rodent and Wildlife. It was important to us that this animal would at least have a chance at getting well. Rio trapped it quickly, apparently painlessly and (somehow?!) containing the skunk spray in the trap. He then took it to the Wildlife Rescue. Turns out he also has a measured program to eradicate rodents from your home (we fear rats in our attic) without poisoning pets or other animals who might eat them. Quotes
J s.
Austin, TX

Quotes 2/16/2011 Rio offered to come and solve my problem, even though 3 other professionals had tried and failed to locate the dead rat hidden somewhere in my wall! He and his wife were professional and worked longer than anyone else, and even though the problem was actually a plumbing issue, meaning the rat was not found in the wall, but in the pipes! I would recommend him! He worked extremely hard, and was the one who solved the mystery for us. He kept his word and did not charge me since he could not remove the dead rat. Quotes
Tara M
Austin, TX

Quotes 5 stars 2/4/2012 Really great service. I can't say enough about them. Rio took the time to show me all the potential areas where rodents could be getting in my house and gave me very easy instructions on how to remedy the situation. Also, instead of gouging me - which he easily could have done - he gave me some options on how to get the squirrels out of my attic for free! I will definitely call Rio again with any problems I have. Quotes
Tom S
Austin, TX

Quotes 2/23/2012 5 stars! So about a month ago I realized I had something in the attic and I tried everything from setting SEVERAL traps, bait and sticky pads. So, after an incredible amount of stress and money I called Rio and his wife. They came over the next day and told me it was squirrels, "yearlings" is what he called them and showed me how they were getting in. Rio went up on the roof and showed me each entry point and how he could tell. He then inspected all my vents and pipes throughout the roof and showed me were they were gnawing on my pipe covers. He even cleaned out an old birds nest from under one of my vents and showed me how to better protect them. He then went into the attic and did the same thing. Rio took the time to go over all my options of how to alleviate the squirrel problem and the best ways to seal off the house and what supplies to use. They were very affordable and worth every penny! I wish I called them before I tried diagnosing/fixing the problem myself! Quotes
Mandy K
Cherry Creek, Austin